Website Design & Development

A web presence is a requirement for businesses or organisations of any scale.

Whether it is a Facebook page, a Google Business listing, or your own stand-alone website, it allows your business to engage both new and existing customers economically.

What a website can do:

capabilities website design2


Our team is dedicated to working with you to create a solution that best meets your needs, whether is to sell products and services, generate leads or establish credentials.

Website is not just about having a nice design, but is also to have your own identity, and to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

We design your website from the ground-up that reflect your brand and create a friendly user experience for your target audience. Creating a good UX is always our priority.

A user-friendly website should have:



Every web project is unique. We want to get to know your brand, understand your needs, and determine an appropriate project timeline tailored to your website.

What we do in the process:

  1. Requirements gathering sessions with your project stakeholders to establish the scope and budget of the solution
  2. Analyse and planning to define the features, functionalities, structure, and user-experience
  3. Conceptualise and create design with mock-ups
  4. HTML coding and system development based on the approved design and project requirements
  5. User acceptance testing
  6. User training
  7. Post-launch monitoring and maintenance



As a one-stop solution provider, we provide hosting services too!


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